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Should I Use A Serum or Moisturizer?

It’s easy to feel totally confused when it comes to your skincare ritual. One article you read may have told you that a moisturizer is all you need, while another may have spoken about the benefits of a serum for radiant skin.

If you’re not a skincare guru, it’s easy to feel completely lost and we don’t blame you if you feel downright frustrated.

A common question we hear is what is the difference between a facial moisturizer and serum? Should they be worn alone or together, what ingredients are good to look for and is one better than the other?

These are all valid questions and we’re glad you asked because today we want to clear them up for you! 

So let’s dive in!

What is a moisturizer?

A moisturizer may contain oils if it’s all-natural, but it always has a base of water to help penetrate the pores and keep the skin plump and hydrated throughout the day. The oils and other ingredients are suspended in the water base. 

The reason why a moisturizer is so important is that it helps to balance oil levels, hydrate parched skin and forms a protective barrier on the skin to keep pollutants and other aggressors out. 

Because moisturizers contain water, they can be applied to cleansed skin that is completely dry and you can rest assured it will fully absorb thanks to the water particles. 

We highly recommend opting only for a natural product, free from toxins and even try and look for one that has aloe water as a base for an added nutrient punch!

What exactly is skin serum?

So you know that moisturizers are good for your skin, right?

Well, serums are kinda like moisturizers on steroids!

They provide your skin with all the same benefits, but because they don’t contain water, they are more concentrated and will sink deep into the pores to zap those skincare concerns you have. 

Another perk of serums is that because they don’t contain water, they don’t require a preservative to prevent bacteria growth. The oils provide natural preservative properties.

It’s best to apply your serum to slightly damp skin for optimal absorption and to use your fingers to gently pat the product into your skin until absorbed.

Our gorgeous Timeless Glow Facial Serum contains just 4 beautiful ingredients, namely Organic Mango Butter, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Strawberry Seed Oil and Vitamin E, all of which will help to balance, repair, hydrate and leave your skin glowing like a goddess! 

This serum can be worn alone, but we recommend layering a mineral sunscreen on top for daytime wear.

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