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5 Tips for a Healthy, Glowing Summer Skin

It is heating up out there, and we couldn’t be happier!

While our spirits are certainly lifted and there’s an added spring in our step, we have to admit that summer can take quite the toll on the skin.

The last thing we want you to worry about when the sun’s out is your skin, so we’ve put together our top tips to make sure your skin behaves no matter how high the temperatures rise.

Don’t ditch the serum

It’s easy to think your skin doesn’t need the oils you treated it too during the frosty months, but now is just as important than ever to keep your skin hydrated!

If you ditch the moisturizer or serum, your skin may try to compensate for the lack of oil, often by producing too much sebum and complete throwing your skin off balance. You’ll then be at risk of greasy feeling skin that may break out.

Apply a few drops of our luxuriously silky serum day and night. Just two or three drops will do and be sure to apply a high mineral sunscreen on top during the day.

Drink up

No, put down that cocktail!

We’re actually talking about pure, filtered water. It’s just as important to hydrate from the inside out as it is to apply hydration externally.

Aim for 2-3 liters when you’re out sweating in the sun. Throw in some lemon for a skin brightening boost, mint for a refreshing twist and cucumber to calm bloat.

Get scrubbing

Want dewy, glowing skin? You need a good scrub!

Exfoliation helps to slough off dead skin cells to reveal your radiant skin just waiting underneath!

Our Exfoliating Body Polish will gently remove all layers of dead skin while infusing your skin with powerful antioxidants for beautiful, healthy and glowing skin!

Butter up!

If your skin has yet to be treated to the silky smooth effects of a body butter then you are seriously missing out!

Well, not just any body butter of course! We’re talking about our whipped butters, specially formulated with all natural ingredients and available in an array of intoxicating scents, so you’ll be sure to find your favorite!

One of our favorite tips for best absorption is to apply our rich butters to damp skin when you’re fresh out of the bath or shower.

Fill up on the right snacks

Forget those sugary snacks that actually sap water out of the skin cells and treat your skin to some fruits that are brimming in water and can actually rival a glass of water!

Some of our favorite high water fruits include melon, pineapple, watermelon, peaches and strawberries. Pack them into your beach tote and be sure to share with your friends and family!

Not only will you enjoy a hydration boost, but you’ll also be flooding your system with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and fiber to leave you healthy and feeling your best!

We hope you follow these tips because you’ll have a summer full of fun and free of skincare woes!

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