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Why You Should Add Oil Cleansing To Your Skincare Routine

Oil Cleansing

What is oil cleansing? Oil cleansing is a Korean beauty technique with some very unexpected benefits! The thought of slathering our face in oil at the end of the day doesn’t exactly scream “clean and refreshed” at first, but stick with me and I’ll show you what we all may be missing out on by overlooking this ancient secret! When done correctly, an oil cleansing routine will leave your skin balanced and hydrated, while removing all traces of makeup, clearing up breakouts, and nourishing your skin so it feels better than ever! Bonus: oil cleansing will not damage your skin’s natural lipid levels, unlike the harsh detergents in many popular cleansers.

What are the benefits to an oil cleansing routine?

Once you decide to start cleansing your face with oil, you will want to give yourself 1-2 weeks to adjust to the new routine, and 4-6 weeks to really start seeing the benefits. Here are just some of the things you will notice as oil cleansing becomes a regular part of your routine:

  • redness will diminish
  • dry patches will disappear
  • skin will feel more supple and “bouncy” as the hydration increases
  • oily skin will become a thing of the past; or at least be drastically improved
  • blackheads will clear up
  • whiteheads will disappear
  • skin will feel cleaner than ever before, without feeling tight
  • makeup will come off without a fight!

There are also benefits that occur deeper than what you can see or feel, but over time, they are undeniable! Some of these benefits include:

  • The natural barrier that locks in moisture and protects from environmental damage will be repaired and strengthened.
  • The antibacterial properties of a balanced oil cleansing routine is the feature that will start to clear up breakouts and other skin irritations, such as rosacea.
  • Inflammation will be kept at bay.
  • Minor abrasions or irritations will be able to heal as the health of your skin improves overall. 

What does an oil cleansing routine look like?

Ok, now that we know WHY an oil cleansing routine will improve our skin, let’s look into HOW to implement it into your routine! Oil cleansing is best done once a day, during your night time routine. That way, it can deeply clean all of your makeup, the dirt from the day, and let’s face it, the stress of the day!

Step1: Start with Arbria’s Facial Oil Cleanser or your preferred oil and pour 1-2 tsp into your palm. Rub your hands together to distribute, then massage it into your face gently for about 2 minutes. Just enjoy it and let all the stress of the day melt away, along with any makeup and dirt.

Step 2: Use a damp warm face cloth to gently wipe your face clean.

Step 3: At this point, you can pat your face dry with a towel, or you can add a step and double cleanse! Double cleansing is simply washing your face one more time with a mild water soluble cleanser. The benefit of this is that the first wash will give you all of the oil cleansing benefits and dissolve the oil soluble dirt on your skin. Repeating the process with a water based cleanser continues the process of removing makeup and dirt, especially helpful if you are wearing lots of makeup that day. This double cleansing method means that you will get the deepest clean possible, without stripping your skin’s natural protective oils. It’s a win-win situation!

Step 4: Follow-up with Rose Geranium Hydrating Toner to balance  the PH.   

Step 5:  Finish your routine with any serums that are in your routine, and a moisturizer!

Tip: always apply products from thinnest to thickest. Moisturizer should always be applied last so that it can “seal in” all of the goodness and protect your skin as you sleep! 

What is the best type of oil for your skin type?

The simple answer here is that any cold pressed, plant based oil will work for oil cleansing, but if you want to go deeper, we can do that too! Some oils are more hydrating than others, with higher lipid levels, and some oils are more gentle. Let’s dive in to see what the best oils for each skin type are. While you can buy pre-made cosmetic grade oil cleansers, you can also just choose one of these:

If you have dry skin: Choose an oil that is highly hydrating, such as almond oil. Another bonus to almond oil is that it contains vitamin A to help heal your skin, and it absorbs well into the skin. Olive oil will work as well, but it is fairly heavy and should be diluted with a lighter

If you have oily skin: Choose a lightweight oil, such as grapeseed or jojoba oil. You’ll still get all of the benefits of oil cleansing, but it almost feels as if there is nothing on your face!

If you have sensitive skin: choose a lightweight oil that has antibacterial properties and/ or is anti-inflammatory. Moringa or Aloe Vera are both good choices that will soothe your skin while they cleanse!

If you have acne prone or combination skin: Rosehip oil, castor oil, and even peppermint oil are excellent choices, as they are all anti-inflammatory and have antibacterial properties as well. 

Myths and facts about oil cleansing

Myth: Slathering my face in oil will cause a huge breakout!

Fact: Here’s a few things that cause acne: hormone imbalance, bacteria, irritated skin, imbalanced hydration, sebum build up in pores. Oil cleansing can help with every single one of these issues (except maybe your internal hormone levels!). You may just find that when your skin feels soothed and healthy instead of being attacked by harsh products, it will find its own balance and your breakouts will improve.

Myth: Skin isn’t clean until it’s oil free

Fact: First of all, what you think is oil on your skin, may actually be more  complicated than that. It is your natural sebum coming out of your pores to protect your skin. Through the day it attracts dust and other environmental particles. Of course it feels like oil equals dirty! Once you dissolve that gross oily layer with a clean, soothing oil, it changes to a deeply cleaned supple feeling instead; and that is something I can get on board with!

Arbria Facial Oil Cleanser,

Oil cleansing may not be the perfect solution to every skin care routine, but based on the evidence, it is definitely worth trying! Give yourself a month, try our Arbria’s Facial Oil Cleanser, and see how your skin responds!

Get our Try-me size Arbria’s Facial Oil Cleanser and add it to your skincare routine.  

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