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The Benefits of Skincare on Your Mental Health

Guest Blogger - Isabella Gabriel

Does your skincare routine bring you happiness? It seems that you’re not alone. A CVS-sponsored study revealed that 83% of women aged between 18 and 35 admitted that they feel better about themselves after completing their beauty routines. Psychologist Dr. Pamela Rutledge, who partnered with CVS, explained that this is no coincidence because taking care of your body can have psychological and physiological benefits on your mood and self-image.

To better understand the magic behind skincare, here’s what you need to know about its benefits for your mental health:

Skincare is a popular form of self-care

Skincare routines are one of the rare “me times” that people get in a day, which is why many go out of their way to make it a special self-care routine for their mental wellness.

In fact, many people slather on a facial mask and simply relax for a few minutes as a form of self-care after a long day. Putting on a clay mask can really be soothing, and our article on What To Mix With Your Facial Mask points out that you can even make your me time luxurious by mixing the mask with a few ingredients. For instance, you can mix your mask with yogurt to have baby-smooth skin, or mix in rosewater for a more soothing self-care treat. 

Beauty routines can be calming and meditative

A routine can bring a sense of control and relief in times of stress and uncertainty. Doing even the simplest skincare routine every day can make you feel in control, which can be useful when you’re battling anxious thoughts.

Dr. Sanam Hafeex of Comprehensive Consultation Psychological Services explains that these routines can even feel meditative, especially if you go through the steps in a rhythmic, calm, and purposeful way. Given that people with less consistent routines are at high risk for depression and anxiety, having this meditative routine every day can help you feel calmer and in control of your life.

Skincare can bring you closer to communities

A community of like-minded people can make your day brighter, even if you’re just discussing simple things like moisturizers or serums. Even having internet friends with similar interests can be a big mental health booster for young and older people alike.

Though having internet friends may sound silly to some, a social media guide by Maryville University explains that children or teenagers who feel isolated may find it easier to meet people with similar interests online. After all, engaging with an online community can make you feel understood. As such, joining a community of people who understand your skin struggles and beauty must-haves can boost your well-being.

Good skin health can increase your confidence

A good skincare routine can enhance your mental health by improving your perception of self. A study by researchers from the University of Minho and University of Porto states that people who are dissatisfied with their appearance are more likely to feel bad about themselves and report low self-esteem. Poor self-perception can really have a profound effect because the study notes that people can even isolate themselves from the society and exhibit increased depressive or anxiety symptoms due to their appearance.

With the help of skincare, you can positively shift how you view yourself. This change will then boost your social well-being, thus further improving your mental health.

The benefits of skin care practices are more than skin-deep. Through your daily beauty ritual, you can enjoy a bit of calm in your day and get an added boost of happiness from your social circle.









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