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Dry Brush
Dry Brush
Dry Brush

Dry Brush

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Dry brushing is an excellent all-over body care practice. Our dry brush exfoliator with handle provides a light to intense brushing action to slough away dead skin and stimulate circulation resulting in smoother, softer and reinvigorated skin. 

Key Benefits:

- Removes away dead skin and toxins 

- Softens and smooths skin

- Assist with cellulite reduction treatment

- Improves lymphatic functions

- Stimulates blood circulation

- Can be used for dry massage and in the shower for gentler treatment

- Includes Travel Bag 

- Cotton Strap 

Skin Types:  All Skin types 

Learn why you need to add dry brushing to your skincare routine on our blog.  Also, check out our demo of 5 minutes a day dry brushing on FaceBook.  

Directions: Use the dry brush prior to showering or bathing, massaging in circular motions starting at your feet and moving upwards toward the heart. For a softer, more gentle massage, use on wet skin.

Care of Dry Brush:  This product is made with 100% natural materials. If used while bathing, wipe down or hang dry after use.